Course curriculum

  • 2
    Plan: Business Idea
    • Module 1A: Planning the foundations for marketing success
    • Module 1B: Business Model Canvas
    • Module 1B Resources
    • Module 1C: Defining your purpose, mission and vision
    • Module 1C Resources
    • Module 1D: Understanding your market
    • Module 1D Resources
  • 3
    Plan: Marketing
    • Module 2A: Introduction to Marketing
    • Module 2A: Digital Marketing Ecosystem Template
    • Module 2B: Introduction to Marketing Strategy
    • Module 2B: Planning your marketing priorities
    • Module 2C: Branding
    • Module 2C Resources
  • 4
    Setup: Owned Channels Marketing
    • Module 3A: Website Setup
    • Module 3B: Search Engine Optimisation
    • Module 3C: Site Content Setup
    • Module 3D: Social Account Setup
  • 5
    Setup: Growth Marketing
    • Module 4A: Growth Hacking
    • Module 4B: Content Marketing
    • Module 4C: Paid Search
    • Module 4D: PR and events
  • 6
    Operations: Team & Freelancers
    • Module 5A: Team setup
    • Module 5B: Mindset
  • 7
    Operations: Measurement
    • Module 6B: Metrics and Measurement
    • Module 6B: Setup Google Analytics
  • 8
    Growth: Building your audience
    • Module 7A: Paid social media
    • Module 7B: Paid display video
    • Module 7C: Influencers
    • Module 7D: Budgeting
  • 9
    Growth: Systems
    • Module 8A: Business Development
    • Module 8B: Marketing Automation


  • Jodie Collins

    Founder of Re/Digital

    Jodie Collins

    Jodie Collins is the founder of Re/Digital, a digital strategy and training firm that works with companies across Asia to develop their digital marketing strategies and build digital skills in teams across strategy, programmatic advertising, content marketing and social media. She has been working in marketing, advertising and technology for 20 years, with 11 years based in China and Singapore. She has worked for some of the world's leading agencies and media companies including OMD, PHD, M&C Saatchi and News Corporation, and with clients including McDonald's, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Hilton, the BBC, Visa and McKinsey & Company. Jodie has worked with global businesses and startups to help them grow their businesses.